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Anna Pichler

Product Innovation Lead

Kathrin Nömayer

Marketing Lead

Linda Friedwagner

Design Lead


Welcome to our creative chapter!

For us, creativity is a fundamental way to interact with each other. Visually, intellectually and verbally.

This chapter has the vision to enable all of our students in UI/UX Design, Product Innovation and Hands on Marketing tools. You can see the different activities of this chapter listed below. 

At this place, we work in strategically challenging tasks and deal with a lot of numbers, stats and analysis. The vision of this chapter is to use the logical intelligence of our students to solve highly complex problems, search for possible solutions and make our world a little bit less messy.

This is the analytical chapter!

Our students will show what great strategical research looks like. 


Jakob Grössing

Co-Founder & Strategy Lead

Katharina Sunk

Research & Analysis Lead

Daniel Alacs

Co-Founder & Analytical Lead

Leo Prechtel

Data & SEO lead

Daniel Alacs

Co-Founder & Tech Lead


Welcome to the tech house!

This keeps everything running. Right now, nearly everything we do touches tech to some degree. Be it our digital startup partners, our hybrid work mode, or the role of AI in the company.

We have the vision, to make every student at least a little bit familiar with the basics of tech. While doing that, our pro students work on highly intense projects for international companies, solving data challenges, implementing software solutions or building web3 products.

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