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Welcome to mosaik.

Austria's fastest-growing student company. Join our creative family!

What is a student company?

A student company is an organization completely run and managed by students.


Due to our flat hierarchy, you have the chance to contribute and be involved in all the different areas of our operation. You have the chance to explore your interests, find out what you are good at, and further delve into the topics that strike your curiosity!

You will also have the chance to work on voluntary as well as paid projects with our partners. Though this means that profitability is limited, the quality of your experience with and at mosaik definitely isn’t. Take your chance to learn new skills, hone your existing ones, and earn money with what you love! 

What we are good at.

We work in chapters.
This is because our students are highly diverse individuals with in incredible potential in the following fields:




That's what we're most proud of: Our community of beautiful, diverse people all around Vienna. Together with our advisor network of well-known startup founders and as a team, we organize workshops, events and parties throughout the semester. 

What's up in the community?

Every member of mosaik is a student, which means that all of us are aged between 18-26 years. In that age, no specific skills are required for you to get in. We will try to rate your potential to develop, instead of your current skillset.

What skills are required?

We do have paid projects though that is not our focus. When you decide to commit and take responsibility for a project with one of our clients, you will be paid depending on the given project. Most activities, which are internal or for the community, are unpaid and voluntary.

Can I earn money at mosaik?

Questions and Answers.

Where can I apply?

You can apply on the apply section of this website from the 2nd until the 26th of October 12pm. And don’t worry: We won’t sort you out because of an empty CV. What matters at mosaik is motivation & personality! Click HERE to apply.

We are more than a company.

Look at what we did so far!

night life app

co2 asset

family banking

headhunting platform

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