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Climate protection by investing in carbon shares.

The world has a problem, and many people try to do something to prevent a catastrophe. Some do it in their own lifes, others through innovation.

The company we worked with develops highly transparent climate protection projects. These projects are treated like companies and shares are issued, which‘s value changes depending on the state of the project. Customers can buy shares, finance projects, and trade these assets. The trackability and transparency this asset provides tackle the main issues of current certification systems.


Mosaik conducted market research and surveys to assess the possibility of entering the B2C market. More than 200 surveys and several expert interviews served as an aid for the company. This resulted in reaffirming the company's priorities and providing possible solutions to the challenges emerging from our research.

Duration: 2,5 months

Teamsize: 3 People, each 12h per week

Outcome: Representative study of climate change and political education; Qualitative user interviews; assessment of the most important channels & marketing activities

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