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What makes a

great company?

A great team.


Analytical Chapter

Lucy Munster

Co-Founder & Executive

Luca Joekel

Co-Founder & Executive

Claudia Höglinger

HR & recruiting specialist

Katharina Sunk 

Research & Analysis Lead

Marie Chuffart

Management &


Adelheid Böker

Strategy Specialist

Leopold Kaiser

Finance Specialist

Daniel Alacs

Co-Founder & Analytical

+ Tech Lead

Erik Fötschl

Project Administration

Julia Holtmann

Consulting Specialist

Zsofia Csendes

Research & Analytics

Frieda Claudius


Jakob Grössing

Co-Founder & Strategy Lead

Linda Friedwagner

Creative Design Lead

Kathrin Nömayer

Creative Marketing Lead

Anna Pichler

Product Innovation Lead

Creative & Tech Chapter

Lea Aschgan

People & Design

Nora Kreuzer

Arts & Sales Specialist

Viviana Elser

Copy Writing Specialist

Leo Prechtel

SEO Specialist & Data Scientist

Timo Dronzella

Patent Engineer

Victoria Beinhofer

Illustration Specialist

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