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Let’s digitize the whole night life scene.

Most of us know the feeling of a good night out. Especially during our younger days going out and social events play one of the most important parts of our lives. But what makes a good night out? That solely depends on your tastes!


The company we worked with, created an application that tries to digitize parts of this experience and provide the information you need for your perfect night out. Exclusive access, transparent reviews, real-time information, and the most recent party news from your city are available all in one place.


By conducting market research and speaking to the company's main consumer group, we were able to collect valuable information on consumers` preferences and most critical needs. By doing so we provided the company sufficient information to prioritize their next steps and provide a better experience for their customers. Additionally, we built a middle fidelity prototype to implement an AI-use case to customize the users‘ experience and make the company eligible for a government grant.

Duration: 2 months

Teamsize: 3 People, each 10h per week

Outcome: Representative study; Qualitative expert interviews; middle fidelity prototype

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